A&WMA upcoming webinar – Fundamentals of Air Pollution Meteorology and Modeling

April 22, 2017 • News + Events • Views: 447

Learn the basics of air pollution dispersion and methods approved by EPA to model air quality

 This Webinar will bring the fundamentals of air pollution meteorology and dispersion modeling to participants in a straight-forward, intuitive way.  Beginning with the basic structure of the atmosphere and its dynamics, students will go on to learn how key components of the air pollution “system”— including sources, dispersion, and receptors—are related to the quality of ambient air. 

The theory and practice of air modeling will be examined from basic concepts to approaches recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. EPA modeling guidelines will be introduced along with features of recommended dispersion models such as AERMOD and AERSCREEN.

$169.00 Member; $229 Nonmember

PRESENTER:  Anthony J. Sadar, CCM, Air Pollution Meteorologist & Administrator, Allegheny County Health Department, Air Quality Program

MODERATOR:  Ron Huffman, QEP, Environmental Consultant

WHEN: April 25th, 10am – 12pm PDT

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