The Board

President MarMoore-Marthatha Moore

MMoore [at]

Martha Moore is an environmental engineer with 31 years of experience in the consulting industry, including starting the firm TW Environmental, a respected provider of air quality and acoustical services for 18 years. Ms. Moore has extensive experience in air quality and acoustical engineering services for industrial and transportation projects throughout the U.S., particularly the Pacific Northwest. She has provided assistance for all phases of complex projects from siting and planning through permitting for new projects, as well as support for environmental compliance such as development of environmental data management systems and employee training. She has been active with PNWIS since 1995 and served on the board multiple times in various positions.



Vice President John Haney


john.haney [at]

John Haney, P.E. is a Senior Associate and Regional Manager with Hart Crowser in Spokane, WA. John earned an Environmental Engineering degree from Montana Tech in 1995 and has practiced in California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. John currently manages the Spokane, WA office for Hart Crowser and focuses on a variety of projects with environmental issues. Many of his projects involve site assessment and cleanup of hazardous materials; he also helps clients identify use more sustainable operating practices.



McCormick-WarrenPast President Warren McCormick

Warren.McCormick [at]

Warren McCormick of Nanaimo, BC is an Emission Inventory Specialist at the Ministry of Environment of British Columbia, Canada. With a BASc and MASc From U Waterloo (Ontario), he worked for some private consulting firms before seeing the light and moving to BC to take a regional air quality specialist with the Ministry of Environment, first in Prince George then in Nanaimo (where he currently resides). For the last 6 years he has held a headquarters position mainly responsible for provincial emission inventory work. Lately he has also been involved with the environmental assessments of the LNG facilities proposed in BC.



Secretary Tanya Wenzel

TWenzel [at]

Tanya is a Project Scientist at SLR International Corporation in Portland, Oregon.    She has five years of experience as a consultant and has been involved in acoustics, air quality, and water quality projects in the U.S. and Canada.   Tanya has experience in noise modeling and monitoring, air quality modeling, emissions calculations, data management, and regulatory applicability review, with an emphasis in the oil and gas sector.  She is a proud Golden Bear with a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of California, Berkeley.


McIntyre-AgataTreasurer Agata McIntyre

AMcIntyre [at]

Agata McIntyre is the engineering manager at the Northwest Clean Air Agency in Mount Vernon, WA. She has been employed in the air quality field for 16 years. Her involvement with PNWIS started at the Puget Sound Chapter level where she was a board, member, vice-chair, and chair. She is
now the incoming treasurer for PNWIS section. She is involved with PNWIS because it offers a great opportunity to advance her technical knowledge and to network with other professionals in the air quality and waste reduction fields.



Treasurer-Elect Lyn Tober

LTober [at]

Lyn is a Chemical Engineer with Northwest Clean Air Agency in Mount Vernon, WA. She is a specialist in Title V and construction permitting.


Burgard-DanDirector, Position 1   Dan Burgard

DBurgard [at]

Dan Burgard is an associate professor of chemistry and an affiliated member of the Environmental Policy and Decision Making (EPDM) program at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma WA as well as an affiliate associate professor at the University of Washington-Tacoma in the department of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. His research interests include 1) mobile source, gaseous emissions testing using a remote sensing device and 2) trace analysis of drugs and pharmaceuticals in water environments. Dan and his students have measured gaseous emissions from cars, trucks, taxis, school and transit buses, personal marine craft, ocean going vessels, and trains in the Pacific Northwest. Dan’s group also uses chromatography and mass spectrometry to determine trace levels of drug metabolites in urban wastewater.

Dan enjoys his involvement with PNWIS for a number of reasons: “The community of environmental professionals is collaborative, welcoming, and social. I am also amazed at the effort, dedication, and resources that this group puts into Young Professionals and students. The Environmental Challenge at the PNWIS meeting is fantastic!”



Steve CoryDirector, Position 2      Steve Cory

StCory [a]

Steven Cory, P.E. is an environmental engineer with over 30 years experience in various aspects of regulatory compliance, facility permitting, agency negotiation, waste management, and air pollution control. Mr. Cory has worked at private sector and government facilities on a variety of projects in thirty-three U.S. states and territories and in eleven additional countries. Mr. Cory has been a member of A&WMA since 1993, and has recently held the offices of Secretary, President Elect and President for the Idaho Chapter. Mr. Cory is semi-retired, and is currently chairing municipal committees on waste management for the City of Meridian and Ada County. He is also President of an environmental affairs trade association amongst other leadership positions.



Quandt-GregDirector, Position 3     Greg Quandt

GQuandt [at]

Greg Quandt is Hemmera’s Vice President responsible for operations in the BC/Yukon region. Hemmera provides professional services and specialized expertise in environmental planning, science, engineering and management for projects across Canada. Greg is a graduate from UBC’s Geological Engineering program and is an industry specialist in transactional environmental due diligence and Brownfield redevelopment. Greg began his environmental career on the Expo lands in 1994, and has had the opportunity to work on large complex sites for both public and private sector clients, including 10 years across the Mid-Atlantic states on several Superfund sites while living in Washington DC. Since returning to BC in 2009, Greg has been led numerous brownfield projects including several large-scale municipal sites, as well as private sector high-density mixed-use developments.



Director, Position 4     Norma Job

Norma.Job [at]

Norma Job is the Environmental Manager for Ash Grove Cement – Durkee OR plant and has been going on 11 years. This experience includes working with all environmental media associated with a cement plant.  Ms. Job earned a BS in environmental engineering at Montana Tech in Butte, MT.    Ms. Job also has 15 years of experience working for state government for the State of South Dakota and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  She has been active with PNWIS since 2006 and helped with the planning committee on two PNWIS annual conferences.



A&WMA Board Member – Vice President, Kim Marcus

Kim.Marcus [at]

Kim is a Partner at ERM, Inc. in Portland Oregon and is a Vice President on the Board of Directors of the Air and Waste Management Association. Kim earned a B.A. in Geology from U.C. Berkeley in 1974 and M.S. in Geology from Western Washington University in 1981. Kim has 39 years of experience having worked for the federal government, private industry, and as a consultant. As a Partner, and Principal Geologist with ERM, Kim manages and works with staff throughout the world. He performs various environmental services and geologic projects ranging from environmental cleanup, to compliance audits and permitting, to due diligence, and sustainable design and consulting. He has worked for clients in just about every sector including mining, forest products, manufacturing, power, health, education, oil & gas, government, and for non‐profits.



Tony WardA&WMA Board Member – Director,  Tony Ward

Tony.Ward [at]

Tony Ward is an Associate Professor and Chair of the School of Public and Community Health Sciences at the University of Montana. He has both a B.S.(Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas) and M.S. (The University of Houston – Clear Lake, Houston, Texas) in Environmental Science, and received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Montana in 2001. In addition to conducting air pollution and environmental health research, he is a core faculty member in the University of Montana’s School of Public and Community Health Sciences, and is an adjunct faculty with the University of Montana’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He has been involved with AWMA, PNWIS, the Montana Chapter of AWMA, and the student Chapter of the University of Montana for many years. He served as PNWIS President 2012-2013 and has served on the Board of Directors several periods since 2006.



A&WMA Board Member – Director, Jay Willenberg  

JWillenberg [at]


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Treasurer Agata McIntyre AMcIntyre [at]
Treasurer-Elect Lyn Tober LTober [at]
Director, Position 1 Dan Burgard DBurgard [at]
Director, Position 2 Steve Cory StCory [at]
Director, Position 3 Greg Quandt GQuandt [at]
Director, Position 4 Norma Job Norma.Job [at]

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